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How DARE you compare what is happening here in Australia with the situation in the United States / Hong Kong / anywhere else. Unless you actually live in Australia, you know NOTHING about the Australian justice system and inner workings of this country. You simply cannot even begin to liken what is happening in other countries to us - you know nothing. I see several international blogs sticking there noses in to our business and spouting utter drivel, because they’re simply seen an incorrect account on one of the ridiculous ‘I-consider-everything-to-be-offensive’ blogs. Little research and nonsense is what is leading to this stupidity.

I’m sick of people taking everything overly seriously and jumping to ridiculous conclusions because of their gullibility and laziness to find substantial and creditable accounts from people that actually live in the country in question.

I’m not stating that what is happening is OK and shouldn’t be taken seriously, I’m just sick of false statements by ineloquent morons trying to speak about things that are out of their depth.